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100% sure im ugly as hell and yet I still expect to be in a relationship with a hot person

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The new Childish Gambino song is dope

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do you ever start your period and think

"well that explains a lot"

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OH MY GOD    lmao   


I support thick thighs

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Here’s a fun fact: Apparently the producers thought the scene would look kinda consensual. lololololol 

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can we just take a second to talk about robet’s chair? i’m laughing so hard i can’t

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when did midnight become the prime time to start all homework

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"When I was a child, my favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with the weight of all he’d seen. A man who fell from the stars.

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doctor who   


I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka

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Anonymous: does sex hurt more if you've never masturbated before?


life hurts more if you’ve never masturbated 

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