My whole life is a Lord of the Rings phase.

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Lost Bonus Features

Making Up for Lost Time [x]
"I am a feminist. I’ve been female for a long time now. I’d be stupid not to be on my own side."
- Maya Angelou (via vaguelyhomicidal)
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I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now

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me: hello darkness my old friend
darkness: do i know u
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you’re gonna look so goddamn cool





You Aren’t Boring I Just Suck At Conversations I’m Sorry: a novel by me

I’m Not Ignoring You I Just Don’t Know What To Say: a sequel by me

I Feel Like I have Nothing Interesting To Say So I Don’t Say Anything At All And I’m Really Sorry Don’t Stop Talking To Me: the trilogy.

Oh So You’re Ignoring Me Now I Guess It Is My Fault: Fourth Novel of the Bestselling Series

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remember that time mads mikkelsen won best actor at cannes but was really tipsy and couldnt stop kissing his award



and he kept doing it until


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FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT you are allowed to feel proud of yourself for things that might seem silly to other people, like getting better at a video game or putting together a nice outfit for the next morning or finishing a book. You deserve to feel proud for your accomplishment.

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my interests range from cute puppies to hardcore sex

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